Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Portland Pizza: Lovely's Fifty Fifty

Another adventure to North Portland led us to Lovely's Fifty Fifty on N. Mississippi. It is a small, cozy restaurant with cute curb appeal. The wood-fired oven warms the whole place and is a perfect spot for a casual night of wine and pizza. I have heard wonders about their ice cream, but we didn't leave enough room to enjoy it. That will be for next time.
The restaurant can accommodate groups, at least up to ten people. We had to wait for a table but that is typical in Portland on a Friday night (don't think they take reservations either). We started with a bottle of wine, something red and Italian, recommended by the waitress. With good company and tasty pie, it didn't really seem to matter what we were drinking. Beer is also available but don't come for cocktails because they only serve brews and vino.

Now, for the pizza. There menu is seasonal-inspired so the vegetable toppings do change according to the season. We decided to share a variety of different selections because the pizzas are delivered to the table as they are ready. The oven only holds a handful of pizzas at a time. Two of our choices were the Meat Lover's and the Ricotta with Provolone & Gremolata. The cheese pizza was my favorite because they used non-traditional pizza cheeses. The ricotta was a nice touch, creamy and delicious.

Overall, it is just another great pizza spot in Portland....add it to your list!

4039 N Mississippi Ave
Portland, Oregon

open tuesday - sunday | 5 - 10pm

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