Sunday, March 16, 2014

I have been Tilting it Up.

It is always fun when I find a Portland restaurant that my boyfriend craves more than me. He can't get enough of it and there is no arguing I love it too. Tilt isn't a new restaurant in Portland but they have a newer location in the Pearl District. Our first stop was back in December and I think we have indulged four or five times since. It is just like they built for the American Workforce.

They are known for their massive burgers, biscuits and pie. The neat part about the Pearl District location is the bar side with beer and craft cocktails Personally, I can't get enough of their breakfast sandwiches on the house made biscuits with a side of bacon, cheddar tots. Yes...bacon and cheddar with fried potato. No, do not come here for healthy eats because temptation will get the best of you. It is made to order and served hot!

Other tasty dishes are the The Big Tilt, Mad Andy and the Tilted House Fries. You can seriously have gravy on anything you want. Next time I am not walking out of there without ordering a cinnamon roll covered in gooey goodness. It is huge and requires a partner to share it with but it will happen.

Even if you aren't hungry but looking for a fun, casual atmosphere, I would recommend Tilt Bar for drinks. It is an upbeat atmosphere and great for watching a game, socializing or playing ping pong if the table is open.

Check out either location at Swan Island or in the Pearl District and COME HUNGRY!

1355 NW Everett
Portland, Oregon 97209

3449 N. Anchor St. Suite 200
Portland, Oregon 97217

check their Web site for hours at each location | happy hour daily 3 - 6pm at all locations