Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tapas at Ataula

It was my month to select the restaurant for the Supper Club and I went for tapas! I love tapas and family-style dining because you can try so many different dishes. Ataula may not be the best place to go starving because the small plate prices add up quickly, but, sort of the nature of tapas. None the less, it was delicious and I would go back in a second!

We tried several dishes, including the potatoes bravas which required intensive prep time. Our server told us all about the hours of prep it takes for these beautiful little fried potatoes and I devoured them in less than a minute. Of course I loved them, but wished they were topped with an egg like many other tapas places do. The paella was also tasty and the largest dish we had that evening. They offer a couple different varieties of paella and we went for the most traditional.

Last, we ended with dessert, which I don’t always order at restaurants. It is not because I don’t LOVE dessert, I am usually just way to full. There were donuts on this menu, so naturally, I looked to my friends and asked if they wanted to share. THANK HEAVENS we did because it came with FOUR donuts. I was thinking it was going to be these little beignets, one-bite guys and no, we got four wonderful cinnamon and sugar donuts.

Overall the service was great and the food was creative and delicious. Ataula offers all kinds of specials so I know if we go back again, there will be something new to try. I wish I could carry on about the cocktails but my I.D. was M.I.A so no drinks for me.  I swear, I am never carded until the time I DON’T have my license. Figures.

Ataula is located on NW 23rd PLACE, which is not actually on NW 23rd Avenue but tucked back off of Thurman Street. 

Check it out for yourself...and please, let me know how the cocktails are! 

1818 NW 23rd Pl
Portland, OR 97210
dinner tuesday - sunday 4:30pm - 10pm | sunday brunch 10am - 2pm