what's on the menu

Welcome food lovers! My name is Jenna and I plan most days around my next meal. By day, I work in the food and beverage industry and by night, I explore the food and beverage industry. The way to my heart is a beautiful glass of sparkling wine and a slightly under baked chocolate chip cookie. Actually, any cookie will probably do just fine. 

Over the years, the Pacific Northwest has become a mecca for incredible food, beer, wine and coffee. It is a shame to keep something so wonderful all to yourself, so here you will find me talking about all my favorite restaurants, happy hours, recipes and more. I love to write (almost as much as I love to talk), so I join you to check out my dish on all things food and drink! 

Cheers, JW

*All these opinions are my own and if something is sponsored or hosted, I will be sure to tell you in the post!