Sunday, January 31, 2016

I baked a cake. This citrus ricotta cake.

This "baking a cake" thing all started because of THIS Instagram post form Elisabeth Prueitt of Tartine Bakery. I saw the post and instantly wanted to make substitutions, no variations...I wanted this cake. Then, it sealed the deal when I saw Deb of Smitten Kitchen...made.the.cake. 

Do I have a gluten allergy? No. But, who cares? Look at this need it. So, I walked to the store, got myself some Cara Cara oranges, almond flour and ricotta. My Saturday was committed to baking a cake. 

Now, this cake isn't "hard" but I would say intermediate because it has quite a few steps. Baking takes patience and I usually don't stray too far from my baking recipes and this one is no exception.

Since I don't trust myself with "loose" baking instructions, I opted to follow the Smitten Kitchen recipe but followed Elisabeth's lemon inspiration. I used Cara Cara Oranges and lemon...not Blood Oranges. I couldn't find the darn things, Cara Cara Oranges are wonderful and delicious for baking, juicing and eating as they are. 

I did use zest and juice from the oranges AND lemon but honestly, do whatever you would like. Pick one or use both. I just happened to have the lemon so opted to use it and the color is magical. Also, I did a lot of citrus layering since I cut so many slices but get creative and lay the citrus anyway you would like!

Citrus Almond Ricotta Cake 
adapted from Elisabeth Prueitt's version of The River Cafe's Torta di Ricotta e Polenta

via Smitten Kitchen 

My baking notes: 
- I baked at 300 degrees for 55 minutes...15 minutes longer but this recipe is pretty forgiving with the ricotta so it won't dry out easily. Just monitor closely after 40 minutes. 50 minutes is probably the sweet spot for my oven.
- I skipped the glossy finish...just went with the brown sugar glaze.
- Cut your parchment paper perfectly or you might end up with some bubbling...hence the lines across my cake. I am so freaking lazy...don't be lazy. Cut your perfect parchment paper circle.

Now, go bake this cake so you can use that pretty cake plate of yours. Duh.

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