Friday, February 14, 2014

Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies

So, I can't take credit for this yummy cookie recipe. Typically I find a couple different recipes I like and then make them my own, but since this was my first time baking red velvet cookies from scratch, I found one to follow almost exactly. The Cooking Classy blog is where I found these red velvet crinkle cookies and I am really happy with how this Valentine day treat turned out.

Now, the only changes I made to this recipe was substituting almond milk instead of regular milk, left out the white chocolate chips and I used a little bit more lemon juice since I had extra from the full lemon. 

I do recommend using all the food coloring to keep the cookies vibrant in color. If you don't have regular food coloring, icing color works too. I tested it since they offer icing color in several different shades at any craft stores. Last, do exactly what she recommends with cooling the dough and buttering your hands to roll into balls. In fact, I used canola oil on my hands and it worked great!  

Finally, make some cute Valentine tags, bag them up and deliver to your loved ones! 


Monday, February 3, 2014

Sunshine on a Winter Night

It isn't easy picking a restaurant for my family. We are the family of "constructive criticism" and everyone offers their opinion when it comes to picking a restaurant, well actually picking anything. Fortunately, I got thumbs up from everyone after we left Sunshine Tavern with full bellies. 

This is a small tavern, affiliated with Chef Jenn Louis' other restaurant, Lincoln. The menu is filled with your favorite comfort foods, including Chicken & Waffles, which was naturally my birthday pick for the evening. The rest of the group ordered burgers, salads and Monte Cristos. Sunshine Tavern was the perfect place for a casual atmosphere with some delicious pub fare. I also appreciate how they easily accommodated the nine of us, without complaint. 
The shuffle board was a great past time activity for the boys while we waited for our drinks and meal. The cocktails and beers were good but I am not too sure about the Beer Shandy drinks...I need to try a different one next time. I opted for the Lemon Shandy, which is a mix of lager and lemonade, served over ice. Interesting concept but I think I will stick with their signature cocktails or a draft beer. 
We had a fun time and a few of us have already been back. If you find yourself exploring the new hot spots on Division or want to stop in for a casual drink, this is a great place. 

3111 SE Division Street
Portland, Oregon
dinner tuesday-sunday 5pm - 11pm | lunch sat-sun 12pm - 5pm