Thursday, August 1, 2013

Yup...still, the best weekend ever.

The festivities continued.

First off, we pitched a tent in REI this that was fun.

Friday was a great day for food, friends and a rooftop. Two of my friends hosted a potluck barbecue on their apartment's rooftop and it was a lovely evening for it. Kelsey featured a yummy barbecue chicken with homemade sauce and I loved the flavors! Check out the recipe on her blog.

a candid gem of the ladies on the rooftop

Saturday, we made our way over to the Oregon Brewers Festival. 4pm. This is quite possibly the worst time to go to a beer festival if you are actually trying to TASTE beers. It is hot, loud and busy with long lines. If you want to taste beers (1 token = taster, 4 tokens = a full beer), then I suggest visiting the festival on Wednesday, Thursday or early on Friday. Saturday and Sunday are crazy...good crazy, but a lot of people. Needless to say, I wasn't doing much tasting. If I am going to stand in line for 15 minutes, this girl is getting a full beer. This is what I was able to try:

Mt. Shasta Brewery's Skip And Go Naked - Strawberry Ginger Hefeweizen.
Burnside Brewing Co.'s Marionberry Berliner Weisse
Coalition Brewing Co.'s Wheat the People - American Wheat

I give a thumb's up to the Ginger Hefe (I love ginger) and the American Wheat. Burnside disappointed me with the could hardly taste the berries!

Sunday was filled with more IPNC fun at the Passport to Pinot event. It was a beautiful summer day filled with food sampling and wine drinking. We had a blast! So many Pinots, so little time.

We were able to sample bites from Salt & Straw, PBJs, Crown Paella, Red Hills Market, Portland Penny Diner and so many more! Too many wineries to name, but you can check out the IPNC Web site for a full list.
Coquine Supper Club bites
love the concept - tapas catering by Crown Paella
a fantastic PDX band 
Needless to say, it was a fantastic weekend of eating and drinking. Now it is time to gear up for the next festival, Feast Portland! I said it before and I will say it again...I am not missing it this year. 

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