Saturday, November 6, 2010

Serious Pie Seattle

So I am over a month behind on posting about my food adventures in Seattle and San Fran. My New Year's resolution is now going to be "post on blog more than once a week." I am out trying this fantastic places and I am not sharing the details....shame on me.

Well, back to Seattle. If I have not already mentioned, my cousin lives in Seattle so she was the first person I asked about restaurants. She recommended any of the Tom Douglas restaurants in Downtown Seattle. We looked at the Web site and decided to go for some delicious pizza and try Serious Pie.

We got to the restaurant at about 9pm on Friday and the place was packed! It was not a very large restaurant but had fun bar table seating and an open kitchen. We had to wait for about twenty minutes, but while waiting, we enjoyed a
bottled beer.

When we were seated, we sat at a cozy seat in the back of the restaurant. The energy was upbeat, hip and fun...definitely a popular place just to hang out and socialize. They have welcoming staff members that are not overbearing, but still provide excellent service.

As for the pizza - it was on a flat bread crust, served right on the cutting board. We went with the fennel sausage, onion, red pepper and basil pizza. You can definitely share a pizza between two people, but if you are hungry, I would recommend ordering one of your own. I was very happy with our choice and my only complaint is that I was too full to try another kind!

Perks other than the food:
- the great candle chandeliers :)
- awesome service
- open kitchen

Food price: $8 - $18 (appetizers and pizza prices)
Beverage - $3 - $12 (beer and wine only)

Take a look at the menu for yourself!

Serious Pie
316 VIRGINIA SEATTLE, WA 98121 (206) 838-7388

Open 11am - 11pm EVERYDAY. No reservations.


  1. Wow ,talk about fresh ingredients. Pizza Hut is nothing compared to this.

    If i ever go to Seattle then I'm stopping by Serious Pie.

  2. OMG that looks delicious. I'll be sure to look for this if I go to Seattle!

  3. Wow, reading your article makes me wish I was going to Seattle sometime soon. Excellent article.

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  5. It is surely a great place to eat there. If ony it wouldn't be so far away!

  6. Hi from Fargo. That's in North Dakota.

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  15. Does anyone know if any of the Tom Douglas restaurants will be open on Christmas Day?

  16. That food looks awesome. It makes me want to visit seattle.

  17. Thanks for all the warm wishes everyone! I appreciate of note on Thanksgiving, wow.

    Daniel - not sure about the vino, but they had several beers in a bottle - many German ones. I went with a German Hef - great flavors.

    Edd - The only Tom Douglas restaurant open on Christmas is Lola's (they will be having a brunch in the morning)

    Thanks for reading and following!

  18. Your post made me hungry for pizza and beer!!

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